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Meet Jayden

Meet Jayden Roll. A funny, vibrant and loving little 4-year-old girl from Montreal. On February 11th, 2013, Jayden was diagnosed with MDS, a disease that may soon develop into AML Leukemia, a disease that will require her to find a stem cell / bone marrow donor in order to survive. In the days and weeks since, Jayden's family, friends and many kind strangers have come together to begin the fight to save her life. Please join us in any way you can.

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Donation Process

You may have heard that being a stem cell / bone marrow donor is "scary" or "very painful". In recent years, 80% of procedures have moved to a simple process called peripheral blood stem cell collection. Much like donating blood, but a longer process. Before you make your decision on whether to register, please take a moment to see what is involved.

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If you can't make it to a donor registration drive in your area, take a few moments to register online and a home testing kit will be sent to you.

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Find a Donor Registration Drive

If you are between the ages of 18-60 in the US and 17-50 (special need for 17 - 35 year olds) in Canada and are in good general health, please see below for a list of Stem Cell / Bone Marrow Donor Registrations that have been organized by Jayden's friends and family.



May 5, 2013


New York

May 5, 2013



May 7, 2013



June 2, 2013

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Financial Donations

In the United States, processing donor kits is not covered by the Government. It costs approximately $60/kit to process. We need your help to process our US kits quickly. Please contribute in any way you can by donating to the Jayden Roll fund through Gift of Life.

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Fashion For a Cause

Help support Jayden & other children in need by purchasing hand crafted bracelets. A portion of the proceeds are donated to The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation.